About Us

I’m Nyla Miller owner and face behind Jazzy Zebra Designs.  We live in Austin Texas.
I married my high school sweetheart Kent and we have been happily married for 29 years.  We have 3 amazing children.  Son 1 is 24 working and studying to be a computer engineer.  Son 2 is 22 and a Senior at University of Texas and daughter 1 is 21 year old Junior at Texas A&M.  Jazzy Zebra is a family affair.  My Daughter is my Assistant while attending college.  She has an amazing eye for color and fabric.  She helps me with my social media and website listings.  My husband is my computer genius and tech support person.  Both my sons are great for bringing me ideas and listening as I bounce ideas off of them.

I really enjoy seeing photos of things people have created.  Seeing photos from my customers using my designs makes me extra happy :). It makes my day to open a email and see a picture sent to me or when someone post a picture on Facebook.  There are so many talented and creative people in this world. 

I dreamed for years about owning my own embroidery machine and then my husband got a bonus with his job and we all got something special so I bought my first machine. That was over 10 years ago.  I was so excited I dived right in without reading manual or having a lesson.  It was months before I realized I had been hooping my items all wrong.  Back then the internet was new and not a lot of help or how to do videos.  No one had my name growing up so I cherished anything that had my name on it.  So being able to embroidery my name or monogram on anything made it special.  I think I embroidered on everything in our house when I got my 1st embroidery machine - even the roll of toilet paper in the guest bathroom was not safe.  I really love digitizing and creating new designs.  I love what I do. 

No one is responsible for your Happiness but you.  Happiness is a choice so choose to be Happy!