Technique Tuesday - Shabby chic raw edge

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Technique Tuesday - Shabby chic raw edge

Are you a fan of vintage raw edge look applique designs?  I am!  I love the raw edge or frayed edge of when it has been washed and dried many times.  Well loved as I like to call it.  It reminds me of vintage applique from times gone by.  How I get more dimension and fluff to my appliques is I put a piece of flannel behind my cotton.  When I am stitching out a shabby chic design and I want the raw edge I stack my cotton material piece over a like color flannel piece of material stitch both down at the same time and then trim like a normal applique.  I usually leave about 1/4" edge of material on the outside of the stitching.  Then using a toothbrush I run around edges to rough it up or just wash and dry like normal and it will happen naturally.  I have attached 2 pictures here.  1st picture is what it looks like right off my machine.  2nd picture is what it looks like after being washed and well used about 100+ times. 

I know many of you are not a fan of the raw edge or frayed edge look.   If you do not like raw edge you can also do shabby chic by ironing Heat and bond lite to the back of your cotton before stitching then stitch design as normal, then trim and iron the design and the heat and bond lite will bond to both materials together and prevent frayed edge.

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