These are not iron on patches, these are not pre-made appliqués or a finished product. These designs are embroidery design files made to use with embroidery machines. You must have an embroidery machine and a method to transfer this file to your machine.

All my designs are instant download nothing will be emailed or mailed to you.  All file formats and hoop sizes can be found in the zip folder.  Each design list what formats and hoop sizes are offered for that design.  Not all file formats and not all hoop sizes are offered for all designs.   If having trouble downloading check your downloads folder on your computer to see if the zip folder already downloaded there.

How to unzip a zip folder:

If you own a mac computer double click on the zip folder and another folder will be opened with all the formats and sizes in the new folder.  If you own a PC computer right click on the folder and select extract all files and a new folder will open.

May I use your pictures to show the designs I offer on my blog or website?

Yes and No. Please DO NOT USE any photos from my FB, website or etsy store that have the words Stitched out by:...... on them. In addition to those DO NOT USE any of my photo collage photos or any photos that have any other watermark besides Jazzy Zebra logo on them. DO NOT USE any of the photos on my site that have children models in them. I do not own the right to these photos. The person who took the photo owns the rights to those photos. They have given me permission to use their photos to display my designs. If you want to use their photo you have to ask them for permission. I can not give you that permission. You CAN USE any of the computer generated photos showing stitch out as your stock photos. Please purchase the design first. Don't post the picture and wait until you get a sale to purchase the design - Thats just wrong on so many levels. It is much better to use your own photos showing your work, your blanks, your fabric and your creativity. It will save you from upset customers and bad feedback if you use your own photos. Thank you!

The design says there is 5x7 size but no 5x7 size is in the download?

The 5x7 size is in the zip folder. The 5x7 files are all the files not labeled with a size in the title. I start with the 5x7 size designs and size up and down from that size since its the most popular size.

Can I sell items made with your designs on them?

Yes. You  can sell anything you personally made using my designs.  As long as you are not mass producing over 500 pieces with any specific design or selling them via a printed catalog or home show company. If you need special licensing for commercial use on that level please use contact us and let us know how you plan to use the design so we can set up special licensing or arrangements.   DO NOT RESELL MY DIGITAL DESIGN FILE!

Do you do custom digitizing?

No.  We do not offer this service. If there is something you think would be a good addition to the site however feel free to use contact us and share what you would like to see.

Can I share or resell Jazzy Zebra designs?

No. These designs may not be shared, sold or redistributed in any format. The digital files may not be altered in any manner. They can only be used to add embroidery to items that you sell or wear for personal use.

Can I resize your designs?

No.  Resizing of my designs is not recommended and please note that I am not responsible for the quality of the design if you edit it in any way.

Can I use any of your designs and make other products not embroidery related?

No.  you can not use our images, designs or appliqués to create any designs in Silhouette, circuit, photoshop or any other software program. My designs can only be used for their created purpose which is an embroidery design to be used with your embroidery machine only. You may not use any Jazzy Zebra Designs to create printed paper items, screen printed items, heat transfer, vinyl designs, web designs, logos, graphics, ribbon or any other derived works.